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Useful Documents from the P&L Team

Advice and support articles are available here to provide a knowledge-base of information. Practical advice, reports and details of legislative compliance is available from this menu. If you have a specific questions please contact us directly with the detail.

Understand your cost of production
Covid-19 Advice
Addressing Soil Quality
Better Use of Grazing
Beyond Static Parlour Testing
Controlling Heifer Growth
Controlling Heifer Growth
Make the most of your Winter
Improving Bactoscans
Liner Change Chart
Managing your accounts
Spring Grassland Management
What can I get grants for?


We specialise in all aspects of agri-business. From legal requirement to development projects, financial planning, cash-flows and commercial analysis.


Our Experience runs from very efficiently run, high yielding herds to low input grazing nutrition and getting the best from your home grown resources.


We can take care of building projects large or small, from the straight forward to specialised technical projects. We provide full project management and an on-farm design service.